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Posted by Jackie Levine on May 5, 2014 | Last Updated: August 7, 2014 Uncategorized

The Perfect Flowers for National Teacher’s Day

daisiesOrder Your Flowers Now for National Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day is celebrated in many countries. In the United States, National Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the Tuesday of National Teacher’s Week, the first full week in May. This year, the unofficial holiday falls on May 6. It’s time to order flowers for your favorite teacher from Central Square Florist.

Type, Number and Color of Flowers

In some countries, the type, color or number of flowers you give someone has significance. In the United States, the color of the flowers you purchase is important if you are giving someone a single-color arrangement.  If you’re purchasing an arrangement which has a number of flower colors in it, you don’t have to worry about what the colors mean. All you have to do is select one of our arrangements that you personally like and which you think the recipient will like.

Cut Flowers vs. Arrangement

Cut flowers are a thoughtful gift, but they’re probably not the best choice for a teacher. Assuming the flowers are delivered to a school, the teacher might need to leave the classroom to locate a vase and fill it with water.

The Best Floral Gifts for a Teacher

When purchasing flowers for a teacher, you can either select a plant or a floral arrangement. A Lavender Phalaenopsis Orchid is an exquisite plant any teacher would be happy to receive. A Blooming Garden Basket makes a memorable gift.

Cut flowers can be delivered with a variety of vases. A yellow ceramic pitcher accompanies Sunny Day Pitcher of Daisies. A white ceramic pitcher accompanies Yellow Tulips in Pitcher.

Flowers are a great gift for male teachers, too. The ‘48 Ford Pickup Bouquet is delivered with a ceramic vase that’s a replica of a 1948 Ford F-1 pickup.

Meaning of Flower Colors

We mentioned flower colors earlier in this post. Here are some meanings associated with flower colors.

  • Admiration, respect: purple
  • Calmness, serenity: blue
  • Caring, elegance, grace, happiness: pink
  • Cheer, happiness, joy: yellow
  • Confidence, energy, fun: orange
  • Friendship: peach, yellow
  • Innocence, purity: white
  • Love, passion, romance: red
  • Michael Jackson: burgundy
  • Optimism: green
  • Womanhood in her prime: lavender