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Posted by Jackie Levine on June 1, 2015 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Roses: The June Flower

RosesMost flowers have history and meaning behind them, but perhaps none is so storied and fabled as the beautiful rose.

In many languages, including the romance languages and Greek, the word “Rose” is correctly translated “red or pink”. Historically symbolizing love and beauty, roses are connected to the Greek and Roman goddesses Aphrodite and and Venus. There is also an ancient tradition in Rome, whereby a rose would either be placed on a closed door, or hung over a table. This would indicate that everything discussed at that meeting was sub rosa, or confidential if discussed under the rose. Even into modern times, roses carry a significant range of meanings, depending on color, number given and more. It is still the primary flower to show love and compassion, with red roses symbolizing true love; while white roses represent honor and remembrance and deep pink roses show gratitude.


This month has its own special meaning for this beautiful flower, as the rose is considered the birth flower of June. The wide variety of the color palette in which roses are available can evoke many emotions, but in June, lavender roses may make the perfect choice. There are three accepted June birthstones, but all range from white to pale purple. Combining birthstone color with the rose being the official flower of June, our Love You Red Rose Bouquet With Orchids is the perfect floral arrangement to say Happy Birthday to your June-born loved one.

Central Square Florist is ready to deliver all of your heartfelt sentiments via unique floral arrangements for all occasions, wherever in the Boston area they need to go. With all the meanings, symbolism and tradition attached to roses of all varieties, you are sure to find a beautiful bouquet that is perfect for your special occasion. Even if it is simply to say “I love you.” After all, that is what roses do best.

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