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Posted by Jackie Levine on March 17, 2014 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

How to Select the Best Flowers for Prom

Corsages once consisted of herbs and flowers that were placed on wedding dresses to help ward off evil spirits. Today, they serve as meaningful gifts that a couple presents to one another on the night of their prom.  Traditionally, a guy gives his date a corsage that is trimmed in ribbon or other embellishments that either match or compliment his date’s dress.  In exchange she gives him a boutonniere to wear on the lapel of his jacket.   This is usually a simpler, smaller version of the corsage.

The most popular and versatile type of corsage is the kind that is worn on the wrist. This is partly because pin-on corsages can be problematic when one chooses to wear a strapless dress, one may alternatively opt for a small nosegay of flowers that can be held throughout the event. Flowers can also be worn in the hair or pinned to the waist. Wrist corsages are particularly nice because there is less danger of crushing them during a slow dance, and they provide the most dramatic and graceful visual effect each time the arm is extended.

One way to take the guesswork out of ordering flowers is for the couple to consult  one another in advance about dress and jacket colors. An artist’s color wheel can be useful in determining the best color choices. Colors that are next to one another on a color wheel make the most visually pleasing combinations, because they contain elements of the major colors that they sit between. For instance, violet harmonizes well with red and blue because it sits between these two colors on the color wheel. Darker tones of blue or pink provide a more dramatic affect, while pale blues and pink blossoms convey a lighter, gentler mood.

Central Square Florist has a stunning selection of prom flowers that can transform any prom attire into stunning regalia that can make an unforgettable prom night statement.