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Posted by Jackie Levine on July 24, 2015 Uncategorized

Summer Birthday Traditions

summer birthdayLet’s face it, we love celebrating birthdays. From singing around glowing cakes to opening colorful gifts, honoring someone on their special day has many traditions. Did you ever wonder where some of those traditions originated? The history of birthdays is long and quite interesting. Long ago, only kings and rulers were considered important enough to have a birthday party. Ancient civilizations thought that rulers were constantly besieged by spirits, and the celebrations were meant to ward off the bad ones. The presentation of gifts was further meant to bring good vibes to the gathering.

The beginning of the birthday cake is credited to the ancient Greeks, who offered round cakes to their moon goddess. Candles on the cake were added to simulate the moon’s glow. German society is credited for the first modern cakes and candles. A single prominent candle in the center of the cake signified “the light of life”, and the smoke from the candles carried birthday wishes to heaven. It was also in Germany that children were first given birthday celebrations, known originally as Kinderfeste.

summer birthday

Your Special Day

Of course today we celebrate everyone! Every member of the family is honored on their day, and at Central Square Florist, we have the gifts and floral arrangements that represent the modern version of ancient traditions. How about sending a Floral Birthday Cake? Your Special Day showcases a beautifully crafted arrangement with stunning center rose and candles, perfect for making those secret birthday wishes.

If anything can ensure good wishes and feelings, it has to be Central Square’s Bright & Stunning Bouquet. The name says it all – this vibrant floral arrangement cannot help but brighten any room and make the recipient smile.

Unique floral arrangements, stunning bouquets or baskets overflowing with delicious treats – we have the gift to make any birthday tradition even more festive. Central Square Florist of Cambridge is your one-stop summer birthday shop. Who do you want to celebrate this month?