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Posted by Jackie Levine on October 16, 2014 Uncategorized

Sweetest Day Flowers, The Sweetest of Gifts

Sweetest Day is just a few days away! That means people everywhere are looking for gifts for their special someone. Whether it is a new love interest or a friend that has been there for decades, Sweetest Day offers a perfect opportunity to let them know how much they matter. Finding the right gift, however, can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, flowers offer an easy, personal way to give a gift that anyone will appreciate. As the seasons begin to change, few gifts can bring in some life and color the way flowers can. Here are some suggestions for those looking for the perfect bouquet.

Fall colors

Fall colors, such as oranges, yellows, reds, and greens typically not only look stunning, they also give a warm and welcoming appearance, which is perfect for a Sweetest Day gift. Flowers, such as sunflowers, are known for their friendly yet beautiful appeal, making them an excellent choice to add to any arrangement. Since the holiday falls in October every year, going with a bouquet that capitalizes on this color scheme is an excellent way to bright the day of that special someone while also lighting up the entire room.

Stargazer Lily

Many people love these beautiful, multi-colored flowers, but do not realize the history and meaning behind them. They have enchanted people for generations, and pink stargazer lilies have developed an association with romance. With the rich beauty they offer, it is easy to see why they are so strongly favored by lovers and romantic partners. Look for bouquets that capitalize on this type of flower. They are often paired with other white and red flowers and the arrangement that expertly accents them is sure to please any recipient.


Roses have long been viewed as one of the most traditional types of flowers for those looking to show love and affection to others. Yellow flowers are traditionally seen as a sign of friendship and can be the perfect gift for a close friend who has been there for years. Red roses are viewed in a more romantic light. Roses can be give as a single flower, perhaps with another gift such as a box of chocolates, or they can be given as a bouquet or large arrangement. Whatever choice the giver decides to go with, they can be confident that the gift will be well received.

Sweetest Day is quickly approaching and people need to finalize their gifts for those special someones. Use the above suggestions to get shopping and find some beautiful flowers that will let anyone know how much they are appreciated.