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Central Square Florist has recently added a new section to our web site that features actual comments from our customers. In the about us section under testimonials they can be read. There is also a link from our home page on the lower right corner.

Here are a couple more that came in this past week.

Dear David,

Earlier this week, I called you from Florida to order funeral flowers for my brother’s services at Keefe Funeral Home.  I wanted to let you know that the flowers which included a blanket for the casket from his children, a grandfather pillow arrangement and a stand-up bouquet from me were absolutely exquisite.  You made the difficult task easy on the phone when I called you.  It’s sometimes so difficult to do this type of task long distance.I had checked 4 other Cambridge florists online.  Central Square Florists definitely had the best prices.On behalf of my family and me, I thank you for the gorgeous flowers and excellent service at a time when it was most appreciated.




Thank you for providing the arrangement to Connie Calvagna.  I, together with her daughter’s co-workers and friends on whose behalf this was done, had the opportunity to look at the arrangement as we paid our respects to Mrs. Calvagna and her family.  We all agreed that it was a beautiful piece, and that your work is excellent.  As the individual who placed the order, I found the special addition of the red roses was the perfect touch, and a far better color selection than lavender ones would have been.  Personally, I found the beauty of the piece in reality to be far greater than its website picture 

 Since I am unfamiliar with florists in the area, I am immensely thankful that your service and product surpassed my expectations, even after having looked at the piece on line.  The quality and freshness of the flowers was excellent as  —  when viewed today  —  they appeared to be fresh and to not have wilted overnight.  If ever asked, I will not hesitate to recommend you to others.

 Again, thank you, so much for the beautiful arrangement and the confirmations of both the order and its delivery.  Those were unexpected touches and were very helpful to me when I was asked for information about the status of the requested arrangement.



 L D