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Posted by Jackie Levine on June 11, 2018 Uncategorized

Wedding Flowers For June

June is the most popular month in the U.S. for weddings, which means it’s also the most popular month for wedding flowers. The flowers during this time of year are gorgeous—as this is often considered peak bloom time—so whether you’re selecting them for your wedding or giving them to celebrate the anniversary of it, you will find yourself swooning over the options.

Here at Central Square Florist, we’ve got proper anni flowers, and we’ve got a serious wedding flower game going. For a little inspo for both, read on.

There’s nothing that says “summer wedding” more than a bright, colorful bridal bouquet. A mix of vivid roses with the exotic flair of lilies thrown in is trendy and modern. It speaks to the sumptuous, voluptuous nature of summer, too. 

You can also go the wildflower route, with a riot of seemingly freshly-picked blooms all competing for attention. Each one is a winner, in our book. A floral mix such as this also makes for a beautiful anniversary bouquet. The palette is vibrant and cheerful, and the sheer variety of textures and scents offers so much interest.

If you’ve got a wedding to plan or if you’re hunting for the perfect anniversary flowers this June, take a look at our anniversary, summer and wedding pickings. You’ll be glad you did.