Favorites in Lily

Sending lilies from Central Square Florist in Boston, MA, is a gesture rich in symbolism and overflowing with joy. These elegant flowers carry with them a bounty of meanings, each color telling its own unique story. The regal white lily whispers of purity and virtue, making it a perfect gift for new beginnings and heartfelt celebrations. The vibrant orange lily speaks of confidence and pride, a wonderful way to say 'bravo' on an accomplishment. And the rare stargazer lily, with its striking pink and white petals, sings of prosperity and ambition, an ideal bloom for those reaching for the stars.

Lilies have a way of bringing a serene yet exuberant energy into any space. Their long, graceful stems give way to blooms that open with a certain dignified ease. At Central Square Florist, we delight in pairing these magnificent flowers with lush greenery to create arrangements that stand tall and proud, much like the sentiments they convey.

Whether it's to express sympathy, to celebrate, or simply to brighten someone's day, lilies are a timeless choice. They bring with them a sense of peace and a breath of fresh air, turning every moment into an occasion and every message into a lasting memory. Let us help you share the joy and symbolism of lilies, a truly thoughtful way to show you care.

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