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Posted by Jackie Levine on July 30, 2018 | Last Updated: July 12, 2022 Uncategorized

A Bowl Of Succulents For The Whole Class

Sure, it’s customary to offer teachers an end-of-the-year gift as a thank you for all of their efforts. There’s something wonderful about having come full circle with our noble guides over the course of an academic year, whether we’re the students or our kids are. We want to show our appreciation and convey our admiration. But Central Square Florist dares ask the question, “Why can’t we do that at the start of the school year?”

You can. In fact, we think offering flowers or plants at the start of the year is the best way to make that year great. It establishes a positive relationship between you and the school right off the bat. It makes a teacher, admin or staff member feel special during a time that can feel pretty anxiety-ridden and high-stress.

There are so many reasons to make gift-giving a part of starting off the school year that we’re not sure why it isn’t a thing already. After all, giving a bouquet of flowers or a cool Succulent and Cacti Garden design is a gift for the whole class or office, not just the person at the head of it. Plants help oxygenate a space, an important piece in the overall well being of students, who along with their teacher, need to maintain a level of mental clarity. Flowers and plants also bring the outdoors in. Rather than waiting for recess to get a little nature pick-me-up, everyone can simply gaze upon a mini garden or mixed array of blooms.

Score a perfect 100% at the start of this school year with a thoughtful gift for teachers, staff and students.

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