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Posted by Jackie Levine on April 18, 2016 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts

administrative professionalsA successful business doesn’t only thrive because of the executive board, but because of every person who answers a phone, books an appointment or handles customer concerns on a daily basis. This April 27 is National Administrative Professionals Day and gives you the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for the members of the team who may not always get the credit they deserve.

Administrative professionals are often the very first colleagues to greet us with a smile before the workday even begins. They are integral to making sure the office runs like clockwork; while also acknowledging customers and answering to the big boss. Administrative Professionals Day is not observed as a national holiday. However, many organizations choose to set this day aside to say thank you to their most indispensable employees. Is there is someone in your office who you think deserves a little extra recognition this month?

administrative professionalsIncredibly, bringing plants and flowers into an office workspace actually improves the mood and productivity for everyone. A gift of living greenery is a meaningful way to show the administrative professionals just how much they are appreciated.

administrative professionalsThe experts at Central Square Florist look forward to helping you choose the best flowers for every occasion, including Administrative Professionals Day. If your office is small and productive, a bamboo plant or money tree is known to bring wealth and prosperity. For a highly professional corporate environment, try for orchids; an upscale office environment would be an ideal setting for a striking bouquet of mixed spring florals.

This April 27th, Boston businesses will be celebrating all those support personnel who make a difference every day – how about yours? Order something truly beautiful from Central Square Florist today.