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Posted by Jackie Levine on April 2, 2018 Uncategorized

Beautify (And Healthify) Your Home With Plants









We love spring, and here’s why: it’s not only when things warm up and we see the sun again, but the plant beds are calling and it’s finally time to bring some fresh new plants and flowers into our homes. All of the seasonal blooms and greens are suddenly on offer, and in the latter’s case, we here at Central Square Florist can’t help but be thrilled at the health benefits on offer.

Along with oxygenating the air and helping to remove it of toxins, plants connect us right back with nature, a profound psychological reset that nothing else can match. Clean the closets, empty that storage closet, but there’s nothing like a plant to refresh and reset a space. Consider ourĀ Pothos Plant one of your best bets when you’re doing your big spring clean and need something to top it off.Pothos plant delivery in Boston, MA

Another option is our Hawaiian Schefflera Plant, which offers a lush display of green, catapulting you right into spring and modernizing your home at the same time. Houseplants are back, and they’re bigger than ever

Schefflera Plant in Boston, MA

For both your health and visual pleasure, get yourself a plant this season. You won’t regret it.