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Posted by Jackie Levine on June 29, 2016 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Brilliant July Birthday Options

july birthdayEach birth flower and birthstone are said to embody certain qualities and inherent meanings, meant to honor the recipient. So although the fiery ruby and the serene delphinium may not seem to have much in common, in July you can use either one of them to celebrate with your loved ones.

As the official representative flower for the month of July, the blue wildflower known as the delphinium encompasses all that summer should be with ease. It is graceful, fun and bright – and is often added to bouquets to add lighthearted beauty and eye-catching color. While the delphinium is used to accentuate and enhance the beauty of bouquets, so the recipient brings the same to the lives of those around them. Add delphinium to a bouquet of their favorite flowers, or ask the talented artists at Central Square to create a unique bouquet of delphinium designed just for them.

july birthday july birthday

Residing at the other end of the color spectrum is the fierce and striking red ruby, which brings heat and passion. The ruby, one of only four true gemstones, is considered by many to be the most valuable. Although rubies are easily found, discovering a ruby with the deep red hue they are known for is quite rare – and kings and emperors throughout history have offered great rewards for those who could bring them a deep red stone. Is there someone in your life who is as rare, brilliant and desired as a true ruby? Our Love Squared Red Rose Bouquet is the ideal option to give a floral voice to the spirit of the ruby.

At Central Square Florist, our designers take immense pride in creating arrangements that embody your loved one’s personality and rival the beauty of precious gemstones. Stop by our store today to discuss those celebrating a July birthday, and let our experts suggest a truly unique and personal arrangement fit for royalty.