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Carnation: January’s Birth Flower

Central Square Florist carries Carnations in red, white, pink and novelty colors. Their favorite novelty color is the Florigene Carnation that is grown in shades of purple. Ask us to include long lasting Florigene carnations when sending flowers to Boston. Carnations are 2 to 3 inches wide on 1 to 2 foot stems. Miniature carnation varieties feature several small flowers on one stem. Mini carnations are a customer favorite for in store purchase. They are attractive considering their inexpensive price and longevity. Carnations date back to the Greeks and Romans 2,000 years ago. Today, they are still the third most popular flower right behind Roses and Chrysanthemum.

When selecting carnations, choose those with clear strong color and firm petals that show no browning or rolling of the edges. Stems and leaves should be firm and a lovely grey green color and free of discoloration and lesions. Re-cut the stem with a sharp knife, removing any leaves below the water level. Place in a cool area in a clean vase or bucket with at least 3 – 4 inches of water to which an accurately measured amount of flower food has been added (follow package directions) until ready to use.

Ring in 2012 with a new found appreciation for a very traditional but awesomely versatile carnation. Not only will you enjoy their long lasting simple beauty, but also your budget will appreciate the relief. Visit Central Square Florist to see the wide selection of carnations available.

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