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Meaningful Flowers For Best Friend’s Day

How much do we love our best friends? Let us count the ways. We love them for their empathy, their listening ear, their sense of humor. We love how well they know us (and love us still) and all of the ridiculous, goofy things we've done together. We love having insider jokes and shared experiences, a photo album of memories. Our besties have been with us through thick and thin, the good times as well as the bad. On June 8, National Best Friend's Day, we get a chance to properly honor them, and Central Square Florist has the perfect flowers to help you do just that. Read More about Meaningful Flowers For Best Friend’s Day »
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Early Summer Blossoms Anew

One of the best things about peonies---and oh, there are so many---is that they bloom in late spring all the way through June. Which makes them a seasonal flower common to both spring and summer, and we here at Central Square Florist can think of no other flower more deserving of that honor. Peonies, with their bulbs big as fists, unfurl into their layered, scented form almost as if by magic. You look once, they're enclosed within themselves. Look again, and they've started fanning out, their petals as thin as tissue paper. No peek into early summer's flowers would be complete without acknowledging its reigning blossom, the peony. Read More about Early Summer Blossoms Anew »
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Flowers To Remember Them By

Memorial Day offers us the chance to remember and celebrate the soldiers in our lives who served their country and sacrificed their lives in doing so. It's also a time when we tend to gather together, owing to the various parades and commemorative ceremonies that unfold over the long weekend. There's something somber, reflective, and yet hopeful and happy about May 28th; we're often with our closest people, looking ahead to summer and enjoying our time together, but we're feeling reverent, too. The designers at Central Square Florist know that there are a range of floral considerations for this weekend, in particular, everything from a nice arrangement for the outdoor table to memorial flowers for the mantel or gravesite. We've got them all. Read More about Flowers To Remember Them By »
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A Beautiful Bouquet For Mom

Mother’s Day is inching up on us. This year, the date is May 13th. And our mothers are among the most significant people in our lives, so they deserve to be honored. The Central Square Florist team believes that flowers should be part of every Mother’s Day celebration. A gift of flowers makes every recipient feel like they’re special. Read More about A Beautiful Bouquet For Mom »
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Congratulate Them In Style This Year

Our high school graduates deserve our congratulations on a job well done. They're at the end of a long journey, with bright futures ahead, and they're about to enter a season that celebrates them and their achievements. Graduation, award ceremonies, parties, prom . . . there are so many occasions in which to dress up, come together, to give and receive gifts. Flowers are a huge part of this time in our lives---from bouquets presented to us after receiving our diplomas to the flowers we wear for prom. Knowing this, Central Square Florist has identified the perfect bouquet to offer your favorite grad. Read More about Congratulate Them In Style This Year »
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