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Posted by Jackie Levine on March 19, 2014 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Choose the Best Spring Flowers for a Spring Birthday Celebration!

spring flowersSeasonal flowers have been given as birthday gifts and used in birthday celebrations since the time of the ancient Romans. Seasonal availability and the Victorian language of flowers have led to each month of the year having a flower, or a group of flowers, attributed to it. Much like the tradition of birthstones, birth flowers are gifted to birthday celebrants to convey a special message. For spring birthday gifts, try a bouquet of the following blooms.

March – The vernal equinox in March marks the beginning of spring (in the Northern Hemisphere). Commonly available in late winter and early spring, the daffodil represents March, and should be given to March birthday celebrants. Representing spring and rebirth. The gift of an arrangement of white, orange, and yellow daffodils conveys a special message of happiness and friendship.

April – Daisies, peonies, and sweet peas fill this month with divine aromas, pom-pom like blooms, and bright colors. Representing loyal love, gratitude, innocence, and healing, these blooms of both soft and saturated colors will brighten any April birthday celebrant’s special day. A bouquet arranged with all three blooms will be especially fragrant and unique.

May – May is most strongly associated with the lily of the valley. Generally white in color, this flower represents sweetness and humility, two traits any birthday celebrant would be happy to possess. During the Victorian era, lily of the valley was given to a loved one whose companionship completed the giver. Available for a less romantic gesture, hawthorns are also attributed to May, and represent happiness.

June – The primary flowers attributed to June are roses. Roses bloom in a rainbow of colors from white, yellow, and orange to pink, red, lavender, and more. Each color of rose bloom communicates its own special, subtle meaning, but the overarching message which roses convey is one of love. Roses are appropriate to gift a June birthday celebrant for whom you feel true passion. If you are looking for a friendlier flower to give to a June birthday celebrant, honeysuckle is also attributed to the month, and conveys sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Whichever flowers you choose to give to your special spring birthday celebrants, Central Square Florist has an arrangement to fit any month, personality, or occasion.