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Posted by Jackie Levine on November 24, 2014 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Uncategorized

How to Decorate for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the late-year holiday season, a four-day weekend that kicks off with a resplendent dinner and celebration with your friends and family members. Rich with autumn bounty, Thanksgiving gives us the opportunity to give thanks for the past year and all of the things we appreciate about our lives.

Whether you’re decorating your own home or attending a Thanksgiving Day gathering hosted by someone else, flowers are the ideal gift or accent for the Thanksgiving dinner table. Consider these flowers — or a combination of them — for your Thanksgiving decorating and gift-giving this year:

Daisies and Asters

The bright, abundant petals and glowing centers of daisies and asters effortlessly sing out the blessings of Thanksgiving Day. Alight with autumn colors like gold, orange, rust, red and yellow, these festive blooms will light up the dinner table or home decor during Thanksgiving or any autumn gathering. Consider bringing an Autumn Cheer bouquet, which features gold hued daisies mixed with roses, lilies and more. Autumn Kiss and Country Pumpkin are also sure to delight with their radiant petaled flowers in rich autumn tones.

The Glorious Sunflower

The versatile sunflower shines in summer, but it also exudes Thanksgiving abundance in autumn. Whether it’s brought in as an accent bouquet or the centerpiece, sunflower steals the show and will deliver warmth and style to any Thanksgiving decor. A Pretty Pumpkin bouquet, the Fall Country Cube and the Rustic Cornucopia all feature the radiant sunflower surrounded by other bright autumn blooms. Make a statement this year with the big, bright sunflower.


The Festive Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum, or “mum,” is another classic autumn favorite. With more detailed and intricate petals than daisies and asters, this flower is a real attention-getter. It does well on its own or as an accent flower for daisies, asters, sunflowers and even roses and lilies. The Country Harvest Centerpiece is perfect for your Thanksgiving holiday dinner table, and the Fall For Daisiesbouquet combines chrysanthemums and daisies to strike the perfect autumn tone.

The Thanksgiving holiday allows us to take a break from our work and other obligations to take stock and give thanks for all that we appreciate about our lives. We celebrate with a delicious meal with the people we love most. Consider these Thanksgiving flower ideas to help set the perfect tone and create the ideal backdrop for holiday memories that last a lifetime.