Central Square Florist

Central Square Florist

Posted by Jackie Levine on April 9, 2018 Uncategorized

Delivering You Some Desktop Awareness

Just ahead of Administrative Professionals Day (April 25), Central Square Florist is calling attention the plight of sad desks everywhere. As winter seemingly drags on, many of our workplaces are filled with dismal desktops—cluttered, disorganized, sometimes totally bereft. It’s time for a refresh. It’s time to introduce some new flowers and plants to our work surfaces, which also includes, but is not limited to: conference tables, reception areas and cubicles.

On personal desks, space can come at a premium, but no worries, there’s a desktop succulent garden for that. What we love about a succulent dish or bowl at your work area is the enormous visual impact they offer in a tiny package. They don’t require a lot of maintenance either, so they make an amiable companion, all while introducing some green life to your desk.

On the other hand, a sizeable desk can take a statement flower and then some. We love how tulips can rise up alongside a monitor, offering a pop of color and texture. Bonus points if the desk in question faces out to the rest of the room so everyone can enjoy these showy beauties.

There’s no measuring the benefits of having flowers and plants throughout the work place, though we do know they help oxygenate the air and rid it of toxins. We think they’re demonstrated morale-boosters and will uplift everyone in your office—especially those admins.