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Posted by Jackie Levine on May 21, 2018 Uncategorized

Early Summer Blossoms Anew

One of the best things about peonies—and oh, there are so many—is that they bloom in late spring all the way through June. Which makes them a seasonal flower common to both spring and summer, and we here at Central Square Florist can think of no other flower more deserving of that honor. Peonies, with their bulbs big as fists, unfurl into their layered, scented form almost as if by magic. You look once, they’re enclosed within themselves. Look again, and they’ve started fanning out, their petals as thin as tissue paper. No peek into early summer’s flowers would be complete without acknowledging its reigning blossom, the peony.

If you’ve been keeping your home stocked with peonies since April, you’ve found that there is real variety when it comes to color. For summer, think pink: bubblegum pink, to be exact. One way to signify the change of season with our florals is to punch up that palette for summer, where vibrant, vivid hues fit right in. Peonies can read as delicate, romantic, even vintage, or they can be statement standouts, bursting with personality, commanding our attention. Choose an arrangement and a color scheme that reinforces this effect. 

A simple bouquet of peonies on your patio table, on a side table out by the pool, gracing the picnic table at a cookout or yes, in the middle of your dining room table, is all you need to get into the spirit of summer.