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Posted by csflor on November 30, 2007 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Energy Consumption of our Refrigerators

      Just two weeks ago Central Square Florist Completed installation of new light fixtures, upgraded other older balusters and installed energy efficient cool natural lighting to our store. Now we are turning are attention to the energy that is used to supple our four fresh flower coolers. 
     We are pleased to share that we will be installing a state of the art Cooltrol Cooler Control System that will maximize cooler efficiency. That will include replacing our Evaporator motors in our refrigerator units. The system is in place in over 4,000 stores, restaurants and wholesale distribution centers throughout the country. The plan was developed by Frank Dowling Director of business development for National resource Management and the $8.000 investment will be shared between Central Square Florist and NSTAR small business solutions. 

Some of the highlights of the system are:
    1, Evaporator fans use 25% to 60% less electricity and reduce compressor run time.
    2, Door and frame heaters are controlled based on the dew points in the store, running up to 95% less.
    3, a control shuts off cooling system when loading product. That will results in energy savings.
     4, Tracks temperatures and equipment run time to measure performance and analyze energy consumption.    
     5, Identifies usage patterns so adjustments can be made to extend the life of the equipment and save energy. 
     6, Has an alarm that will set off a strobe light when pre determined high or low temperature limits are exceeded. This helps to reduce or eliminate product loss.

     Information provided by National Resource Management, Inc. On the web at www.nrminc.com