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Central Square Florist

Posted by Jackie Levine on June 18, 2018 Uncategorized

Entertain Your Guests With Gorgeous Flowers

In the summer, we entertain with the mood of the season in mind. To that end, we create an atmosphere that feels festive and free whether we’re hosting outdoors or in. We serve fresh, colorful food with bright, tempting flavors and pass around the wine. There’s a sense of looseness and ease that permeates our homes in the summer, and it’s that spirit that we try to capture both in the way we entertain and in the decor—particularly flowers—we use to do so. There’s no shortage of vibrant designs at Central Square Florist in the summertime, when florals are often at their peak.

If your dining table is reserved for food (maybe a heaping salad featuring garden-fresh greens in the middle), place a piece like You Are My Sunshine elsewhere in the space. We find that buffets and side tables are the perfect spot to set a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers. This design, with its rich, ripe roses will cast an enchanting scent in the room, but won’t overwhelm it with the fragrance either, given its thoughtful placement. The abundance of blooms here offers lots of texture and color, a beautiful backdrop to the gorgeous feast you’ve presented on the table. You're My Sunshine Flowers Boston (MA) Central Square Florist

This design can also be moved around your space once the entertaining is done. It’s a go-anywhere tribute to summer, a little exotic and a lot fresh.