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Posted by Jackie Levine on January 26, 2023 Uncategorized

Express Your Love for Family with Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gifts

There is something to be said for our family’s unconditional love, and it certainly deserves to be celebrated. We can always count on them to be there when we need a helping hand, a listening ear, a nugget of wisdom, or a loving hug. So, this year, your friends at Central Square Florist, the top flower shop in Boston, MA, are reminding you that Valentine’s Day is a day to honor all the loves in your life, including your parents, grandparents, siblings, and of course, your partner. If you’re looking for that perfect gift that everyone will enjoy, turn to flowers. Colorful, symbolic, personalized, luxurious, or classic floral bouquets always say “I love you” best.

Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Sentiment

Gifts for Your Father or Grandfather

From sunflowers to gerbera daisies and hydrangeas to chrysanthemums, there is a variety of bold, brilliant, and hardy flowers that men would be thrilled to receive. Flowers aren’t just for women! This Valentine’s Day, remind the strong men in your life how much they mean to you with a bouquet of flowers that will fill their hearts with love. It’s certainly a gift that is unpredictable and beats another tie or coffee mug.

Gifts for Your Mother or Grandmother

Our moms, grandmas, and mothers-in-law carry a lot of weight between taking care of the family, making holidays extra memorable and offering unconditional love. Although they may feel appreciated by their partners on Valentine’s Day, you can also express your love for these amazing women by sending them thoughtful and symbolic floral arrangements. While white, lavender, and pink roses represent things like elegance, refinement, perfection, gentleness, admiration, and appreciation, carnations signify the undying love of mothers.

Gifts for Your Brother

The bond we have with our brothers is one that we can always depend on, even if we’ve just finished arguing. Sibling love is precious, and brothers will always have your back. So, this Valentine’s Day, show that you have his back with a botanical that inspires a healthy lifestyle, positivity, and maybe even enhanced air quality. Blooming plants like peace lilies, orchids, and birds of paradise offer vibrant bursts of color and energy, while succulents are the perfect desk décor that requires little maintenance.

Gifts for Your Sister

There are numerous blooms that your sister would love to receive, especially for Valentine’s Day. We bet elegant and graceful bouquets are sure to remind you of her. From roses and daisies to alstroemeria and anemones, delicate and pastel flowers are always a go-to. To add further thought and meaning, explore yellow and peach-colored flowers to signify her sweetness, lightheartedness, positivity, sincerity, and friendship.

Gifts for Your Partner

Traditionally, a couple falling in love will celebrate Valentine’s Day over a romantic dinner with a gorgeous bouquet of rich red roses to set the mood. One dozen red roses is a timeless expression of love and passion that will never go out of style. Although, if you want to surprise your significant other with additional blooms that bring the same love, passion, romance, longing, and elegance, incorporate white roses and stunning lilies. You can also include a thoughtful gift to pair with flowers that enhances the romance and eloquently conveys, “I love you with all my heart.”

Fantastic floral arrangements rival any other gift or loving sentiment. No matter whom you want to honor this Valentine’s Day, we are certain you will find the perfect flowers for the job. With a variety of colors, meanings, styles, and price points, Central Square Florist has the best Valentine’s Day blooms in Boston. Browse our collection today and tell your entire family how much they mean to you.