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Posted by Jackie Levine on December 26, 2017 | Last Updated: December 29, 2017 Uncategorized

Fresh Flowers For Better Health

Flowers are the way to a person’s heart, sure, but they’re also the quickest route to helping enhance their well being. At Central Square Florist, we’ve done our homework and know that many studies confirm what we’ve long suspected: flowers aren’t just aesthetically pleasing to look at, they benefit the body and the mind, too.

Patients who find themselves in the hospital and add a floral arrangement or a plant to their room on average use less pain medication and enjoy lower blood pressure. The benefits to their spirit are harder to measure, but people consistently report a feeling of happiness and a more positive outlook when they are gifted flowers.

If you’re going to give an ailing friend or loved one flowers, go for something bright and chipper. OurĀ Enchanting Tulip Bouquet is a great way to get them thinking about spring, and it’s as lovely as it is happy. Tulips are the essence of simplicity and grace and look wonderful on a bedside table or a sunny windowsill.Enchanting Tulip Bouquet in Boston, MA

The best way to cheer someone up who is feeling under the weather is to introduce some life into their space. Even in winter, there’s an incredible range of floral offerings to be had, which means you can certainly tailor your gift to your recipient. Consider allergies, preferences regarding fragrance and the size of the place your recipient is recovering in. Your thoughtful gesture will be appreciated more than you know.