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Posted by Jackie Levine on July 15, 2017 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Friendship Day Celebrates Sisters & Friends

friendship day

During the month of August, we have the chance to recognize two of our most important relationships. National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day are both celebrated on August 6.  And whether you have a best friend who is more like family, or a special sister who is also your best friend –Central Square Florist has all the floral designs and arrangements that you will need to commemorate your bond in beautiful style.

A Classic Choice:
 The traditional flower of friendship is the yellow rose, which also fittingly signifies loyalty. For a gift that is as cheerful as it is meaningful, have a bouquet of these bright blooms delivered to her home or office.  Of course, If she has a favorite flower that she would prefer, send them along with a few yellow roses mixed in for the perfect custom summer design.
Friendship Day
Experiencing a close sibling relationship during childhood is actually quite beneficial to social relationships through the years. For instance, an elementary age child may learn basic social constructs, while a teenager may learn to navigate romantic relationships with the help of a trusted confidante. It doesn’t seem to matter if your partner-in-crime is a sister, or a best friend – both play a very important role.

Sisterly Love: She may have driven you crazy while you were kids, but your sister is actually quite good for your mental health. People with loving sisters are happier and more confident as adults, and also tend to be more well-adjusted, optimistic, and generous.

If your sister lives in Cambridge or Boston – or has moved across the country – your connection is still as strong as ever. Let her know that you are grateful for all of the fun and friendship over the years, with a beautiful floral design from Central Square Florist.