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Central Square Florist

Posted by Jackie Levine on June 24, 2018 Uncategorized

Get Your Fourth Of July On

Is there a more classic American holiday than the Fourth of July? It has all of our favorite things: being outdoors with friends and family. Potlucks, grill outs, barbecues. Maybe we spend the day at the beach or on the lake, snoozing in the sun or zipping along on a boat, or maybe we stick closer to home, throwing the ball around in the backyard or settling into the kitchen to make our famous potato salad. However we while away the hours before the firework finale, many of us are hosting others in our homes. And that calls for a flower display just as showy as the fireworks themselves, if you ask us here at Central Square Florist.

You’ll want to step back and take these¬†True Blue Orchids in because they are seriously en fuego. Put this electrifying bouquet of turquoise and purple orchids on your Fourth of July table and your festive mood is abundantly clear. This showstopper is like a preview of what is to come, a riotous grouping of blooms that seems to expand from the center out.¬†

Wow your Independence Day guests with your BBQ prowess, sure, but go the distance with your holiday flower decor, too. Do it up this Fourth of July.