Central Square Florist

Central Square Florist

Posted by Jackie Levine on February 26, 2018 Uncategorized

Gift Yourself With Gorgeous Flowers

Picture buying yourself the most perfect pink peonies for absolutely no reason other than the fact that you want them. Sounds dreamy, right?

We here at Central Square Florist are total enablers in that regard, utter pushers of the most gorgeous flowers and flower designs that we can possibly come up with. And while we certainly cater to the usual holidays and occasions and events, we’re also here to help you give the flowers you want to yourself.

It’s an important act of self-care, giving yourself the things that make you feel good. The kindness you show yourself goes a long way to positively impacting the rest of your life. There’s absolutely no substitute for the efforts you make on behalf of your well being—the pedicures, massages, walks in the woods, glasses of wine, hours spent reading a good book. It’s the same with a bountiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

Pick your favorite bloom, there’s nothing stopping you. Have a design worked up that’s just to your taste or choose from among every category in our books. There’s a lot of luxury built into buying flowers for yourself; you’re the only one you have to please, and you know what you like more than anyone else. You can’t go wrong with this gift to you.