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Posted by Jackie Levine on August 27, 2018 Flowers Summer Flowers

Giving Flowers Connects You To Tradition



Central Square Florist loves a good floral tradition, and luckily, there are plenty to choose from. This September 9 happens to be Grandparents Day, a time to honor the people who may be the most responsible for passing down a strong sense of tradition to us in our lives. It’s those traditions that connect us to them—the fresh cut sunflowers our grandmother always brought in from the garden, our grandfather’s wedding boutonniere preserved in a keepsake box.

Flower-giving is full of tradition. We give flowers to celebrate the arrival of a baby, to commemorate the passing of a life, to festoon a wedding, to ask for forgiveness, to express love. You name the occasion, and there’s a flower for it, and in some cases a specific one. Our Blissful Bouquet shows how you can build meaning into the flowers you give for a particular occasion. The iris here symbolizes faith and hope, while white roses represent purity and sympathy. These are the flowers to give someone who is dealing with a stressful time or a loss. It’s a bouquet whose meaningfulness has developed over time, just like the best traditions.

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