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Posted by Jackie Levine on August 15, 2014 | Last Updated: September 11, 2014 Uncategorized

Gladiolus, Our Favorite August Flower

GladiolusThe gorgeous gladiolus is the birth flower for the month of August and is said to bestow good luck upon anyone born in that balmy summer month. The gladiolus is best described as a tall stalk of elegant flowers that can bloom in a wide range of colors. The stately bud is generally grown between the months of July and September, as it thrives in full sunlight.

Piercing Beauty

The word gladiolus comes from the Latin “gladius,” meaning “sword.” It was dubbed as such due to its sword-like stem and sleek, spear-like leaves. Some stories indicate that the flower name also has a connection with the gladiators of ancient Rome, since they carried and used swords.

Gladiolus were originally imported from the area now known as South Africa by European traders in the 18th century and quickly became popular throughout Europe. The brightly bestowed stalks eventually made their way to the United States and are now beloved all around the world.

Healing Properties

Gladiolus has been historically used for medicinal purposes such as healing the common cold, flu and abdominal issues. Gladiolus extract was sometimes blended with goat milk to soothe colic in babies. Gladiolus was used in the Mediterranean and England for a number of physical ailments; for example, its stem base was mashed into a pulp or poultice for extracting splinters and reducing swelling.

Style and Symbolism

The gladiolus signifies infatuation, strength of character and remembrance. Giving someone a gladiolus arrangement can convey romantic infatuation, telling the receiver you feel “pierced in the heart” by a feeling of love for them; however, gladioli can also convey strong fondness, letting someone know they’ve made a positive impact upon you. They are also used in remembrance of a loved one or to honor the end of an era.

Homage to August 

As the birth flower of the month of August, it is the perfect flower to give for an August birthday or special event. They are available in white, cream, orange, yellow, pink, lavender, salmon, purple, red, blue and more delicate shades in between these colors. A gladiolus arrangement brings a fresh, bold and undeniably beautiful look to any environment. From a regal vase of stems to florets in centerpieces, corsages, bouquets and decor, gladioli never disappoint. Freshly cut gladioli last approximately one week to 10 days.

Celebrate the month of August with a gorgeous gladiolus arrangement for yourself or someone you love. Contact Central Square Florist today to have a gladiolus arrangement sent out for an August birthday, a special event or “just because.”