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Posted by csflor on July 12, 2012 Uncategorized

It’s Sunflower Season!

No flower makes people smile quite like a sunflower. Sunflowers are radiant, cheery and their bright, brilliant blooms represent happiness unlike any other flower. The open face of a sunflower symbolizes the sun, conveying a sense of warmth no matter what the occasion.

Sunflowers are fitting for any occasion. Send sunflowers as a housewarming present. They will set the tone for a new home and are hard to miss in any room. Send get well wishes with sunflowers. Those recovering will enjoy the warmth sunflowers bring and will remind them of all the happy things in life. Sunflowers are big and bold and are the perfect flower for accomplishments in life. Say ‘congratulations’ with sunflowers when celebrating a loved ones achievement. Or, send flowers to those you love ‘just because’! Sunflowers will bring a smile to the one you adore no matter what day it is. Whatever the occasion, the beauty of the flower makes any day a happy one.

Sunflowers bloom from July to September. Right now is the perfect time to send sunflowers to Boston as they are at the prime of their season. Central Square Florist has beautiful, New Jersey grown sunflowers sure to make any day a joyful one. Check out our beautiful selection of sunflowers online, or in our store.