Central Square Florist

Central Square Florist

Posted by csflor on March 27, 2012 | Last Updated: July 14, 2021 Uncategorized

Lots of New Plants

Assorted Cactus

Central Square Florist received a beautiful selection of plants directly from our grower in Florida. The shipment has restocked our shelves with lush green plants.

Spathiphyllum Plants

We received 4” Jade Crassula, Spathiphyllum, Rubber Trees, Dieffenbachia, Palm tree, Pothos, Ivy, Money Trees and asst cactus   6 “ plant selection included Aloe, Pothos, Palm Tree, asst cactus, Ivy and other asset varieties. Also featured are 8” Spathiphyllum, Pothos and Philodendrons. 10” Spathiphyllum, Corn Plant, and Yucca, and a selection of Porcelain Dishgardens

Jade, Money and Porcelain Dishgardens

Central Square Florist has a fine selection of gift containers to enhance the beauty of our plants and delights in selecting just the right one to add even more beauty to your green or flowering plant.