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Posted by Jackie Levine on December 22, 2017 Uncategorized

Magical Winter Flowers

When you think of winter flowers, are tulips the first thing to spring to mind? We at Central Square Florist didn’t think so, but maybe they should be.

Hear us out. Tulips are actually appearing in winter arrangements these days with increasing regularity. And while we most associate them with spring, when they tend to bloom, they can be coaxed to do so in winter as well. Sleek, elegant and, like roses, beautiful in a bunch, they can be just the breath of fresh air you need in your home during winter.

One of the wonderful things about winters tulips is how easily they can be worked into more traditionally seasonal designs. Pair them with some holiday greens, for instance, and they look right at home in December. We think our Tulips and Pine arrangement does a great job of demonstrating this idea, with the green and white tapping into a classic holiday palette.

There’s no one way to do winter’s flowers, and the range on offer is probably bigger than you think. An elegant bouquet of tulips adds a serene and modern note to your home, which is likely decked out for the holidays. White floral designs don’t compete with that look; in fact, they enhance it.