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Posted by Jackie Levine on July 23, 2018 Uncategorized

Major Floral Attractions To Inspire Your Next Vacay

Central Square Florist is delighted to help you plan your next vacation, and we’ve got a strong vision as to where you should go. Hint: follow the flowers.

That’s right. Every spring and summer across this great nation of ours, we see dozens and dozens of floral festivals and other such events unfurling to great fanfare. Parties, parades and more herald the seasonal arrival of an area’s most beautiful natural assets, its flowers. But it’s not just festivals that have us traveling to tulips and the like; there are flower-centered attractions available all year. Going to one of these events or attractions is a wonderful way to discover local culture. We’ve got our top picks for both below.

James P. Kelleher Rose Garden, Boston

Yes, it’s in our own backyard, but did you know about it? This garden has been around since 1931 and hosts 1,500 roses in the Bay Bay Fens. Go uncover this beauty hidden in our midst anytime from April through October. If you’re jonesing to visit flowers during the winter, there’s always Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum, which is open every single day of the year.

Daffodil Festival, Nantucket, Massachusetts

Just a hop and a skip away, Nantucket reserves one weekend in April for showcasing its favorite yellow flora, the daffodil. This is a huge event capped by a parade and includes live music, flower pageants, a flower show and more.

Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

Walk over this gorgeous, historic bridge, which is maintained by gardeners and lined with flowers, bushes and shrubs of all kinds. From April to October, you can stroll across and take in crocus, hyacinth, azalea, tulips and many, many more.

Feeling inspired to go out and explore those flowers? Start in your own home with a little something we call Fields of Summer.Fields of Summer in Boston, MA