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Posted by Jackie Levine on May 28, 2018 Uncategorized

Meaningful Flowers For Best Friend’s Day

How much do we love our best friends? Let us count the ways.

We love them for their empathy, their listening ear, their sense of humor. We love how well they know us (and love us still) and all of the ridiculous, goofy things we’ve done together. We love having insider jokes and shared experiences, a photo album of memories. Our besties have been with us through thick and thin, the good times as well as the bad. On June 8, National Best Friend’s Day, we get a chance to properly honor them, and Central Square Florist has the perfect flowers to help you do just that.

The Ancient Greek goddess Iris was thought of as a bridge between heaven and earth. She was the rainbow, so to speak, a messenger from Zeus and Hera. Our Blooming Iris Bouquet is a messenger, too, speaking directly to the meaningful relationship you have with your BFF. Iris is also associated with hope, wisdom and trust—three qualities every substantial friendship has. Aside from being beautiful, an iris design has a lot of meaning built into it. Giving them to your best friend is a gesture that communicates a lot.

Let your friend know exactly how special she is to you by giving flowers that resonate with the quality of your friendship.