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Posted by Jackie Levine on July 2, 2014 | Last Updated: September 11, 2014 Uncategorized

The Perfect Patriotic Gift for 4th of July!

The 4th of July is always a time to celebrate, and will undoubtedly have numerous events to attend, be it parades, BBQs, parties or firework celebrations. However, it’s not usually looked upon as a national holiday where gift giving is very common, as it is more about each person celebrating their freedom in the great nation of America. There has been a novel change to that notion, giving the gift of flowers to friends and family on the 4th of July holiday, meant to brighten up a party, BBQ, or just a good friend’s house in general.

At Central Square Florist, we have a wide variety of arrangements for Independence Day, with their wide selection of flowers and vases. By picking which flowers you want grouped together in an arrangement or by just leaving it up to our expertise, our experienced florists will put together the most attractive arrangement for your special gift. Or you can go with a pre-made arrangement from our online selection, with a wide variety of summer flowers.

If you really want to stay in the 4th of July spirit, choose from one of the independence day themed red, white and blue bouquets that are offered at Central Square Florist.

The American Dream arrangement is a red, white and blue arrangement of roses, snapdragons, delphinium and carnations, among other flowers. These red, white and blue 4th of July arrangements are perfect for the entryway to any 4th of July party or BBQ, or as a centerpiece on the table where food will be served, really focusing the primary colors of the day in one particular place.

Best of all, the arrangement will continue to deliver the patriotic feeling many weeks after 4th of July has ended, making it a gift that keeps on giving, much like living in America.