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Posted by Jackie Levine on April 16, 2018 Uncategorized

Plant A Garden In Your Home For Earth Day

This April 22, Earth Day spins back around. Celebrated world-wide, this day is dedicated to raising environmental awareness, promoting good stewardship of our planet and in general feeling the love for terra firma—basically, it’s like Earth’s birthday, and we’re all invited to the party. Central Square Florist encourages you to get involved in your communities through walks, festivals, drives and clean-up efforts, but we’re also going to go one better: we invite you to plant a garden in your house.

If it’s still frosty outside but you want to get your green on, simply bring home a basket of Bulb Garden. Keep it in the kitchen or wherever everybody can get their hands a little dirty—after all, one of the great pleasures of our planet is its rich, bountiful soil which produces so much of what we eat and so much beauty in the form of flowers, plants and trees. When we’ve got a garden going, we feel like we’re taking care of one patch of the planet.

Blub Plants in Boston, MA

Bulb gardens are a great way to teach kids about how to take care of a bulb plant from literally the ground up. A gift like this for the whole family on Earth Day can become an enduring tradition that makes the goals of this day concrete for the littles and beautiful for everyone involved.