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Central Square Florist

Posted by Jackie Levine on December 1, 2017 Uncategorized

A Secret Santa Gift They’ll All Want







There are so many worthwhile traditions to participate in during the holiday season, but one of the most popular among groups is Secret Santa. This gift swap works best the more people you have, which is why it’s the perfect workplace game. Not only does it ensure that everyone gets a present (and without breaking the bank, since most gift swaps use a price cap), but it brings together the whole team for a fun hour or two where presents and givers are revealed.

Central Square Florist is no stranger to gift exchange – it’s a huge part of the business we’re in, after all. And we’re here to help you offer your lucky recipient something fresh, seasonal and utterly unique.

Don’t go the gimmicky, joke-gift route this year; instead, present your giftee with a pretty present. We love something like our Home for the Holidays arrangement for Secret Santa. Why? Because flowers are crowd-pleasers. And this version, with its rich red blooms against white hydrangea, is topped with spunky pine cones and a glittery bow. Receiving this will make your target feel special, we guarantee it.

A bouquet has many advantages when it comes to Secret Santa. You don’t have to wrap it. The person who gets it can display it on their desk or take it home. And unlike a standard gift, flowers don’t lose their charm. They can be enjoyed anew day after day. We’re willing to help you keep your secret at Central Square Florist, so come on by before you play Santa.