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Posted by Jackie Levine on October 30, 2013 | Last Updated: October 9, 2020 Uncategorized

Selecting Spooky Halloween Floral Arrangements

halloween basketThe well-known holiday called Halloween was known by many other names, including Summer’s End, Witches Night, Lamswool, Snap-Apple Night, Samhain, and more. It is one of the oldest holidays in the world. Halloween traditions are rooted in both Ancient Celtic pagan and Christian history where both cultures had festivals that celebrated the end of harvest, and life and death.

The death aspect of the ancient festivals centered on the death of summer, and the last day of the year. To the Celtic pagans, Samhain (which is correctly pronounced as SOW-an or SOW-in,) the end of summer and the shorter days with less sun may bring death. According to legend, Saman, the Lord of Death collected the souls of everyone who died the year before and sent them to the afterlife as people gathered to celebrate the Vigil of Samhain every October 31st.

Believing that the ghosts and demons of their dead ancestors would return to wreak havoc on their lives, or kill their crops, the living dressed up in scary costumes in the hope of tricking the dead into leaving because there were no living people around.

New England Colonists were strict Puritans who believed that Hallowmas went against all of their principles. They saw no need to pray for the dead, but they had a strange fascination with witchcraft and that fascination turned into an obsession that has become virtually synonymous with Halloween. The Puritans also had a strong belief in divination.

If you want to ward off evil spirits, or prevent any ghosts of any dead people you know from wreaking havoc on your life, or that of important people in your life, the Spooky Sweet bouquet with a creepy black spider is sure to ward off any bad luck or evil spirits. This scary bouquet is filled with orange and green flowers, and the black vase adds to the spooky fun you or the recipient can have when using this fun arrangement to add some holiday cheer to a room. You can also celebrate the end of the harvest with a traditional Spooky Surprise Bouquet, a gorgeous arrangement of fall-colored roses and carnations in a ceramic pumpkin, and a decorative ghost to ward off any evil spirits that may be lurking around that special someone.