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Central Square Florist

Posted by Jackie Levine on February 11, 2014 | Last Updated: June 30, 2014 Uncategorized

A True Valentine’s Day Love Story From Central Square Florist

This past summer a past customer of ours emailed Jackie with a photo of a bouquet that he had bought from us 7 years ago.

It was a small bouquet with a single lavender rose and a few other purple flowers. The beautiful thing was that he had used this bouquet to ask out his current girlfriend 7 years ago. Now he was about to propose to the girl and he wanted to use the exact same bouquet that he used 7 years ago to do it, but a bigger version this time.

The proposal was occurring in New York, but he still wanted it from us. He wasn’t living around Cambridge anymore, we’re not sure exactly where he lived anymore but he traveled pretty far to get to us to pick the bouquet we prepared up. He was thrilled to see the exact bouquet he had bought 7 years ago, but in an evolved, more extravagant arrangement. He picked up the bouquet and headed straight for NYC to propose to his girlfriend, and was happy to tell us that she said yes! To top it all off, she recognized the flowers, cried and loved the sentiment he showed, remembering that 7 years ago he bought those exact same flowers. What started so delicately and small years ago came together again in a large way 7 years later.

This was our happy ever after that we felt we had to express for our customers on Valentine’s Day. We want to give you the best opportunity to have an impact in the life of someone you love, and each time we get that chance it reminds us why we love doing what we do so much.