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Posted by Jackie Levine on January 8, 2018 Uncategorized

Wow Them With Flowers All Year

If you’re resolved to make someone feel special all year, we here at Central Square Florist know just the thing to help you achieve that resolution. We consider ourselves well-versed in the art of floral gift giving, having seen it all, from last-minute purchases to creative custom gifts. One standout idea that always works on the New Year is to give that special someone a full year of flowers.

The idea is that you make a standing order of flowers to be delivered to your recipient each month, meaning they get 12 fresh, colorful reminders of your love and affection. A gift like this is a lot of fun because you can choose seasonal blooms each time, switch up colors, add in a plant – essentially surprise your giftee with something new each time. Imagine starting out your January with ourĀ A Golden Crown arriving at your door:

Orchid, Lily & Hydrangea flower arrangement in Boston, MA

Even though your recipient will likely catch on quickly that they are to expect flowers every month from you, there’s still a sense of anticipation and joy because they won’t know what they’re getting. This is why we love flowers for a year so much; it seizes on the idea that flowers are always desired and enjoyed without taking away any of the surprise factor.