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Posted by Jackie Levine on October 24, 2019 | Last Updated: October 9, 2020 Uncategorized

6 Fun and Festive Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Autumn

Autumn offers many of its own decorations in nature, namely the changing foliage and stunning sunsets, but your own decorations are also a big part of the fall festivities. At Central Square Florist in Cambridge, we recommend trying out these fun and easy ideas for creating a fancifully festive fall design on your front porch. The decorations will help you get into the spirit of the season and also impress your friends, family, and neighbors!

Adorn Abundantly

Autumn’s the time to celebrate the harvest, and if harvest has one theme it’s the quality of being plentiful. So, you should decorate plentifully, too! To create a cornucopia effect, deck out your front porch or entryway from head to foot with wreaths, colorful blooms, plentiful pumpkins, cornstalks, kale, and anything else you can fit.

Chrysanthemums Are Crucial

Hands-down, fall’s favorite flower is the chrysanthemum. If properly tended, mum plants will bloom throughout the season. Plus, they’re available in all the colors of autumn’s rainbow and more. You can find a wide variety, and they’ll always look beautiful on either side of a front door. Display mums in whicker baskets and be sure to move them to a warmer location, indoors, before any particularly frosty weather.

Fall-Decorated Porch - photo by Savvy Southern Style

A Different Take on the Wreath

Don’t get us wrong. We absolutely adore floral wreaths for the front door, but there are lots of ways to decorate the main entrance to your home for autumn. We particularly love this idea of an apple-picking basket filled to the brim. Why not welcome your guests with a healthy and delicious snack? After all, autumn’s the season of both harvest and trick-or-treating!

Croton plant

Leafy Greens

Although red, orange, yellow, gold, and copper are autumn’s signature colors, deep leafy greens work well in a front porch display, too. Plants, like these crotons, give your floral display depth and provide a nice contrast to all the more fiery hues. Potted kale plants featuring ruffly dark green and purple leaves look pretty, too.

Autumn Accents

You can turn your autumn-themed floral display into a haunted forest, pumpkin patch, or cornfield by adding a few cute accents. Consider including spooky items, like ghosts and bats, until Halloween. Then switch them out for more harvest-themed embellishments. Look for cornstalks, hay bales, scarecrows, acorns, pinecones, and even a few forest friends, like this friendly owl. Whatever items you add, you can show off your personality, taste, and your favorite parts of fall!

Perfect Pumpkins

Fall wouldn’t be fall without pumpkins, and there are endless possibilities for incorporating them into your front porch display. You can stack a few and paint your house number on them like in this creative display or spray them metallic silver or gold for a more elegant look. However you use pumpkins, we recommend selecting a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. It’s also fun to mix in a few oddly shaped gourds!

Celebrate the Season Inside, Too!

There’s no reason why the fall fun should stop at your front door! Bring the festivities inside with floral arrangements and centerpieces designed specially for the season. You can bring the Essence of Fall indoors with orange and yellow roses, green hydrangea, berries, curly willow, and more! To see our complete fall floral selection, stop by Central Square Florist’s showroom or order online today!