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Posted by Jackie Levine on December 8, 2017 | Last Updated: November 20, 2020 Uncategorized

A Bouquet For The Holidays

Bring on the cheer – our Holiday Gift Guide is here!

Central Square Florist has been working like little elves in the shop putting together splendid custom designs, festive boxwood trees, Hannukah flowers, centerpieces, poinsettias… You name it. But we want to hold one floral gift item up in this post for special acknowledgement, and that’s the holiday bouquet.

This season is rich with emotion and sentiment; we see beautiful, meaningful gestures everywhere. People are brought together out of the cold, in places of worship, in shopping malls and for parties at school and work. It’s a time when we universally acknowledge how connected we all our not only to our family and friends but to our neighbors and larger community.

Flowers have the unique ability to express many things at once. They can offer comfort, beauty, sensory pleasure. They can bring the outdoors in or transport the one enjoying them to somewhere else. They can be graceful acknowledgements or adoring reminders. And during the holiday season, they can capture all of the spirit of it, as our By Golly It’s Jolly¬†does.

As pretty as a candy cane, a bouquet like this, with its Christmas tulips and woodsy-scented fir and white pine, communicates so much. It’s a sweet capture of the season, offering the recipient both visual appeal and yummy goodies to taste. Graceful, rich and yet upbeat and spirited, seasonal bouquets make gorgeous centerpieces or entry way decor. Give one to someone special this season, and let us at Central Square Florist hand deliver it for you.