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Posted by Jackie Levine on November 20, 2015 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Central Square Florist – Cornucopia

cornucopiaGreek legend tells us that the original horn of plenty was a goat’s horn. From that ancient beginning to its role as a symbol of today’s Thanksgiving celebrations, the cornucopia has a long and storied history.

The name cornucopia has always represented abundance and prosperity. From the Greek and Roman gods of antiquity, to European Celtic harvest festivals, the horn-shaped basket is reflected in the myths, legends and histories of many cultures. Ancient Greeks believed that the horn could mysteriously provide continuous food and drink, never running out; while the pagan Europeans considered the cornucopia as a visual representation of the bountiful blessings of the gods. The traditional horn of plenty would have been filled with fruits, vegetables, gourds, flowers and nuts of the local area and recent harvest.

The settlers at Plymouth, when they celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621, would have brought the tradition of the cornucopia with them to their own harvest festival. It has evolved into an iconic symbol of thankfulness and gratitude for all of our blessings, making it the perfect centerpiece for a Thanksgiving feast.

The Rustic Cornucopia from Central Square Florist combines some of the most vibrant flowers of fall – yellow sunflowers and daisies, orange roses and lilies – with fall accents and foliage that will beautifully grace your holiday table. Presented in the classic horn shaped wicker basket, this centerpiece is the perfect accompaniment to your meal. If you feel grateful for the abundance in your life, you join with centuries of people who have gathered around a meal with family and friends, with overflowing cornucopias representing everything good that Thanksgiving brings.

If you are looking for further holiday décor or a gift for your host, Central Square can also help you to create a vivid seasonal bouquet or floral arrangement showcasing all the glory of fall. Stop into our Cambridge flower shop today. Whether you are staying in the Boston area or traveling for the holidays, we can make sure that your flowers, centerpieces and bouquets are there to bring the vibrancy of the season to Thanksgiving.