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Posted by Jackie Levine on November 6, 2019 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Uncategorized

Charm Your Thanksgiving Host with a Special Gift

This time of year should be spent being thankful for all the special people in your life, friends, and family alike. If you’ve been invited to share a special meal at someone’s home, it’s important not to arrive empty-handed. At Central Square Florist, serving Cambridge and the surrounding areas, we’ve compiled a list of creative and thoughtful hostess gifts that will be perfect to bring to any Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving celebration.

The Perfect Host Gifts for Thanksgiving Day

Bringing a host or hostess gift to a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving meal is essentially good manners. It’s also a great way to show your appreciation of all the hard work and planning that goes into hosting a meal. Even if you’re attending a potluck-style feast, remember that your host still had to organize the meal and prepare their home for guests — and that’s no easy feat.

1. Friendsgiving Feast

Modern Autumn

Friendsgiving is a day of festivities, a feast, or both to celebrate the people you choose to love, your friends! Depending on schedules, Friendsgiving usually takes place the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the week after, or on Thanksgiving Day itself. This event’s usually less formal than regular Thanksgiving, so remember that fun’s always on the table when choosing a hostess gift.

  1. A basket of spa essentials, like bath bombs and bath oils, to help your host relax after clean-up’s finished
  2. Cheerful flowers in festive colors to brighten everyone’s mood on an autumn day
  3. Games for everyone to play after dinner
  4. Funny fridge magnets
  5. Kitschy Thanksgiving Day oven mitts
  6. Fuzzy socks featuring turkeys, owls, or other woodland critters
  7. Candles that smell like the best parts of the season

2. Having Thanksgiving with the In-Laws

orange purple yellow fall flowers in vase

Essence of Fall

Whether you’re meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time or have known them for years, it’s important to bring a hostess gift that conveys your appreciation with sincerity. Thank your in-laws for inviting you into their lives and holiday traditions with a heartfelt, well-chosen host gift.

  1. An elegant floral arrangement in autumn colors that can be used as a centerpiece or accent for the drink cart
  2. A sampler set of salts is perfect if your in-laws are foodies
  3. Whiskey rocks and a bottle of locally distilled spirits
  4. A fancy cheese board with matching cheese markers
  5. A pretty box of gourmet chocolates, jams, or other treats crafted in your hometown
  6. An expensive bottle of wine paired with wine glass charms or an aerator
  7. High-quality serving utensils that’ll likely be put to use right away

3. A Traditional Thanksgiving at Home

cofee beans in bag

Gourmet Coffee

If you’re heading home for the holidays or over to your grandparents’ house, it’s still important to bring a gift for your hosts. Since you know your family well, choose an item they’ll enjoy or something that will help fill the entire day with happy memories.

  1. Activities for the kids like games, toys, or a simple craft project
  2. Toys to occupy the household pets
  3. Sparkling cider, so everyone has a fancy drink to sip
  4. Fancy hand soap to make sure no one leaves dinner with a virus
  5. A homemade pie baked into a pretty keepsake pie plate
  6. Holiday cookie cutters for your favorite bakers
  7. Gourmet coffee to serve with dessert

You Can’t Go Wrong with Flowers

If you’re still not sure what gift would be appropriate for your host, then we highly recommend flowers. No matter who’s hosting your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving meal, a floral arrangement or attractive centerpiece will brighten the party and add to the ambiance. We welcome you to stop by our Central Square Florist showroom to view our selection of Thanksgiving floral designs or for a recommendation on the perfect floral gift for your hostess.