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Posted by Jackie Levine on December 18, 2014 | Last Updated: November 20, 2020 Uncategorized

Decorating for Christmas

After cutting down a Christmas tree, hauling out the ornaments and getting the lights on and decorations on the tree, you still have to worry about making the rest of the house as festive as the room where your Christmas tree is.

A boxwood topiary shaped like a Christmas tree is a delightfully whimsical way to create the sense of a Christmas tree in a small contained space. Use it in an office, bedroom, or even somewhere in the kitchen where everyone can gaze at this decked out take on a Christmas tree. Poinsettias – in all their regal red splendor, just ooze holiday spirit, and are perfect for adding a festive touch to a home office or a work place.

If you’re looking for a flower arrangement that is elegant and sophisticated enough to crank up the atmospheric temperature on your holiday gathering, look no farther than the Holiday Orchids and Red Roses arrangement. The square cube is filled with red gemstones. Red roses and green cymbidium orchids are neatly arranged with lush greenery and shiny ornaments.


Very Merryis another arrangement that exudes sophistication and elegance. Red roses, red carnations and green button chrysanthemums and orchids are combined with Douglas fir, variegated holly and red ornament balls, beautifully packed into a red cube vase. It is the perfect accent for any room or surface, and equally suited to use as a centerpiece on a table for a small gathering.

If you still want something that oozes holiday cheer, but is a bit more subdued, Holiday Flair Bouquet is the solution to your dilemma. This lovely ensemble features green orchids, white roses and hypericum. It’s topped off with accents of greenery and shiny silver ball ornaments.

Choose Home for the Holidays for a festive, warm and meaningful Christmas. White hydrangeas are combined with red tulips and red roses. There is plenty of holiday greenery and silvery ornament balls to complete this majestic arrangement.

Don’t forget Poinsettia – a lovely plant to brighten any office or business and bring out the Christmas and holiday spirit. Put a poinsettia in a corner of your home – where it’s sure to be noticed.

Flowers are such an important part of the holiday spirit – and they warm up your otherwise chilly Boston area home. Be sure to contact Central Square Florist for all your holiday flower arrangements and festive decorating ideas.