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Posted by Jackie Levine on November 23, 2020 | Last Updated: November 27, 2020 Uncategorized

❄ Central Square’s Expert Holiday Gift & Floral Guides

Spruce up your holiday scene with amazing florals, inspired gifts, and beautiful decor. If you, like many people, will be spending Christmas at home this year, then make it spectacular! Here at Central Square Florist, Boston’s #1 florist, we love this time of year. The decorations, the delightful aromas in the air, ….. presents! Plus, just enjoying the spirit of the holidays puts everyone in a good mood. Below, you will find all of our top holiday-themed blogs for your entertainment and education. You will discover great decorating tips, gift ideas, gorgeous decor, and more! From our family to yours, have a Very Merry Christmas!

Creating Your Best Holiday Ever

The holidays are a highly traditional time. We return again and again to the customs and rituals that give us a sense of belonging, comfort and happiness.

Get Them In The Mood For The Holidays

From rainbow trees to movie-worthy projected Christmas lights, we embrace the creative spirit we see around this time of year. We’re still early in the game, but it’s never too early to start thinking about how you’ll be crafting a wintry scene in your own home, with a mind to the highest of holidays.

A Bouquet For The Holidays

Central Square Florist has been working like little elves in the shop putting together splendid custom designs, festive boxwood trees, Hannukah flowers, centerpieces, poinsettias… You name it. But we want to hold one floral gift item up in this post for special acknowledgement, and that’s the holiday bouquet.

Perfect Poinsettias for the Holiday Office

Ready to make your workplace really sparkle this holiday season, but not sure where to start? You’re not alone. While you may have plenty of boxed-up decor to pull from the back office, it’s not always easy to decorate our workplaces for the holidays.

Decorating for the Holiday Season

It may not be looking like Christmas yet, but soon that will all be changing. Decorations will be showing up everywhere, and homes and offices all across Cambridge and Boston will be transformed with seasonal beauty.

Holiday Centerpieces at Central Square Florist

A centerpiece is defined as the focal point of any setting or situation. Holiday centerpieces for your dinner table serve the same purpose; they create a beautiful and dramatic display for the most important part of our gathering, the family meal.

Central Square Holiday Treats

Throughout the year, you have relied on Central Square Florist for all of your floral needs – birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, you have come to expect the finest floral bouquets and arrangements.

Holiday Decor at Central Square Florist!

At this time of year, the traditional reds and whites of the Christmas season are everywhere. Because there are so many beautiful flowers that exhibit these seasonal hues, there are hundreds of ways to decorate your home with floral arrangements.

Central Square Holiday Gift Guide

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? It’s hard to get into the holiday spirit when Christmas decor appears in stores as early as the day after Halloween. At that time, people are just starting to think about Thanksgiving.

The Rustic Holiday Tablescape DIY

Whether you are hosting a celebration or visiting as a guest this holiday season, make it beautiful with flowers. Let us help you find ideas for how to create the perfect holiday interior with our DIY Tablescape recommendations.

Decorating for Christmas

After cutting down a Christmas tree, hauling out the ornaments and getting the lights on and decorations on the tree, you still have to worry about making the rest of the house as festive as the room where your Christmas tree is.